People, knowledge and delivery

What we do


BA&N is a communications consulting firm. Every day, we advise dozens of companies, institutions and business leaders on how to achieve their strategic goals. We work with leading companies, both private and publicly traded, from a variety of sectors including Telecommunications, Retail, Energy, Banking & Insurance, Private Equity & Asset Management, Media, Information Technologies, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, among others.  


Who we are


Our team differentiates itself through its commitment and proactiveness in developing our mission, ensuring outstanding client support.

Our people come from diverse national and international educational backgrounds which combined with a breadth of professional experience, contribute to the firm’s success and that of its clients.

Our team is highly collaborative, providing the clients with a broad range of know-how and not just the expertise of the people with whom they contact daily. We have the best person to overcome a challenge at any time.

How we do it

Advise Develop  Implement 

BA&N advises, develops and implements communication strategies to achieve the clients’ objectives. Our services incorporate expertise in communications, marketing, and management to maximise our efficacy and achieve results.

Our diverse educational background and differentiated know-how enable us to effectively overcome challenging problems, always focusing on the quality of service and delineated objectives. 

Why we do it

Trust and Professionalism form the backbone of our identity.

Customer-centered service focused on the client’s necessities 

Maximum satisfaction of our people

Focus on solutions and results

Commitment to long-term relationships

A place to learn and grow

Meritocratic, open-minded and non-hierarchical structure