Learning and evolution takes place through the sharing of experiences and know-how.



How we work?



BA&N’s teams are completely focused on delivering the best results to clients through value-adding expertise, advice and solutions. Communication is at the core of our activity but we are experts in several areas. This is because of our team’s diverse background.


On the job learning

At BA&N we value knowledge and experience. Learning and evolution are the outcome of experience and know-how sharing between teams. This is why we value a workforce with a diverse background. Complementarity is fundamental to provide the client with the best possible solution.

Merit and Ambition

Our people evolve and progress within our non-hierarchical structure by showing merit, adding value and demonstrating high level of commitment. Positive ambition and the desire to do the absolute best are clearly differentiator factors.

Join us

Being part of BA&N means having the opportunity to contribute to the success of our clients and share experiences with leading national and international firms in different sectors. It means broadening your network and establishing long-term relationships based on a solid professional base. 


Talent and Leadership

Our people possess strong leadership skills and autonomy. Their focus is the continuous search for the best solutions for each project.

Dedicated to the client

At BA&N, teams devote their energy to the creation of efficient and intelligent solutions for the problems they face. 



BA&N continuously supports entrepreneurship. We would love to expand our team but the project’s sustainability does not allow that reality to come to life. 

However, if it is not possible to work for us, it is always possible to work with us. We are open to partnerships where we can add value.
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