A living and supportive community creates a society that tends to be more just.

We constantly seek to contribute to the creation of a more cohesive community that generates opportunities for everyone, regardless of social condition.




Education is one of the most effective tools to stop the cycle of poverty and social exclusion. The development of key competences and the promotion of employability are other factors that make a difference in everyone's life, especially that of youngsters.

The Stand4good project's mission is to support university students who, despite living in a situation of proven economic need, are not covered by social action grants.

It is a project born of the will of people who believe that all young people should have access to the same opportunities, regardless of the environment in which they were born or the economic situation in which they live. You can learn more about it at Stand4good.


Vida Norte

Vida Norte's main mission is to support pregnant women and babies in situations of fragility, ensuring close monitoring, with a view to training the family and building an autonomous, responsible and happy life project.


Because all babies should have the opportunity to be born and grow up in a safe environment, with affection and dignity. Learn more at Vida Norte.